CRM system implementation is a job for sales experts!

Bseller is a Pipedrive Elite Partner specializing in leading organizations to improve results with the latest tech tools and advanced sales training techniques.

With a global perspective from a wide range of industries and after we tested over 150+ sales tools, Bseller is the best partner to achieve advanced sales management and constant improvement in business results.

Whether you are selling in a traditional way or selling remotely, we can customize the right tools and optimize them for your use case. Using the models we developed and used on our projects – HiTouch & Hybrid Sales – we are innovating traditional sales processes and improving sales results around the globe.

Which companies will benefit most from a Pipdrive CRM?

Companies working with excel or notes and would like to manage sales opportunities better.

Companies who would like to have the right infrastructure to leverage A.I in sales activities over the coming years.

Companies that manage remote sales teams and would like to have better control and additional advantages.

Companies interested in a cloud CRM with advanced business automation capabilities.

Companies currently working with a CRM the sales team doesn't like to use or difficult to integrate with other tools.

Companies that worry about a complex implementation process and technical skills gap within the team.

Why Pipedrive?

Pipedrive was developed by sales people for sales people.

Pipedrive enjoys the highest customer satisfaction in the CRM market.

How can Pipedrive increase sales?

The Pipedrive CRM is focused on the actions needed to be taken in order to win a deal. The system is automatically prioritizing deals and tasks to make sure your sales efforts are invested in the right places on the right time. 

Effective and efficient sale process management

Manage all customer data and interactions in one place

25% growth in winning new customers

Leverage business automation

Fast response - leveraging unique sales tools

Enjoy a growing marketplace of over 200 external apps

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