The "Pipeline Approach" for Mamram Alumni

Methodologies For Startup Growth

Utilize a consistent approach to:
*Increase inbound and outbound sales
*Recruit at scale
*Manage an efficient fund-raising process
*Finding business target emails and phone numbers from your CRM

This event will begin with a short lecture from BSELLER's founder, Liron Kaplan, about strategies for optimizing inbound and outbound sales processes to be efficient and scalable.
Afterwards, Ben (BSELLER's Customer Success lead) will demo Pipelines that have been pre-customized for startups and show how they can be used to manage inbound and outbound sales, recruitment, and fundraising - with no learning curve. The session will end with a review on best tools and practices for Outbound Sales.

What will you Learn?

how to Manage a Converting Inbound and outbound Pipeline

how to operate a low-touch recruitment process

best practices for managing fundraising processes

Webinar Speakers

Ben Weinstock
Customer Success Manager at BSELLER

Ben is an integral part of BSELLER, as he leads the system development and oversight for strategic customer accounts. He is responsible for defining business needs, implementing custom systems, and finding creative solutions for the unique challenges that come with growth. Ben will work with all interested event participants to achieve long-term success with a customized BSELLER infastructure. 

Liron Kaplan
Founder of BSELLER

Over the past year Liron – a Mamram Alum – trained and qualified over 500 BDR’s and CSM’s on the latest techniques and tools to win new customers and navigate B2B relationships. While typically Liron’s lectures for startups and global companies are closed events, for this one, Liron will share key “Pipeline Success Fundamentals”. This powerful approach can be used by event participants to scale-up their startups by working with proven growth methodologies. 

Meet BSELLER and learn how we utilize Pipelines to enable rapid start-up growth. Following the event, you will receive two months of "Pipedrive CRM" access free of charge and be invited to a communal onboarding session led by Ben - so that you immediately begin working with your first Pipelines.


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