Sales Video Interactions

The most effective way to sell
in the new world

Bseller invites you to learn how sales leaders from all over the world are reaching their targets and overcoming challenges in the New Normal!

What will you Learn?

Video Prospecting

Techniques and video creation tools to engage with prospects effectively and convert them into qualified leads.

How to influence on video meetings

Influence skills require practice. In this workshop you will learn to master any zoom room.

Screen based account management

Video techniques & tools to enhance and tighten your customer relationships with every question they send.

Who will you learn from?

Yair Schoenfeld

An international expert on business development, leadership, management, sales and customer experience. Author of two books on Sales, Management and Entrepreneurship.

Specializes in developing and leading ‘results improving projects’ and processes for boards, management teams, sales and customer service units world wide.

Over 25 years of close work with companies around the globe in wide range of industry segments. Some of which include banking and financial services, insurance, high-tech, retail chains, communications, traditional industries, on-line gaming and more.

Liron Kaplan

Growth Specialist with proven success in leading, recruiting and training winning sales teams across multiple products and industries. Experienced in penetrating new global markets, development of local partners and distribution networks in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

Marketing strategist with over 15 years as senior executive leading organizations through digital transformation with new lead generation strategies, CRM systems and automation implementation.

Passionate and award-winning public speaker. Giving the crowd a unique and insightful experience. 

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