The impressive impact of Video Messaging

Utilizing an interactive video approach to increase conversion

Create more engagement and commitment from your customers -while doing less

Live Zoom Webinar
Tuesday August 9th · 6:00 PM
Israel Standard Time

לירון קפלן FINALS by Mika Gurovich-6 (2)

Liron Kaplan


Meet Tolstoy and learn how to create personal connections via interactive videos journeys, that lead to higher conversion rates, more demos and increased customer satisfaction.

What will you Learn?

how to touch customers with Interactive Video Messages

Strategies for Building trust and maximizing the impact of video

Best practices for video messaging as a tool for sales or customer success

Webinar Speakers

Ben Weinstock
CUstomer Success Manager

Ben is an integral part of BSELLER, as he leads the system development and oversight for strategic customer accounts. He is responsible for defining business needs, implementing custom systems, and finding creative solutions for the unique challenges that come with growth. Ben will work with all interested event participants to achieve long-term success with Interactive Video Journeys via Tolstoy.

Liron Kaplan
Founder of BSELLER

In 2021 Liron trained and qualified over 500 BDR’s on the latest techniques and tools to find and win new customers. While typically Liron’s lectures for startups and global companies are closed events, on this Webinar, Liron will share key “Video Messaging and Influence Fundamentals”. These powerful methodologies can be used by webinar participants for increase customer engagement, minimize no shows and to book more demo meetings with new accounts.


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