Video Sales Workshop

No more endless cold calls, emails and LinkedIn messages to book a meeting!
Learn to use video to create trust quickly, prevent no shows and win more deals!

Outbound sales have always been a challenge for sales professionals. In today’s world cold calls are much less effective. Inboxes are flooded daily with offers made by humans, bots and email marketers. The sales challenge of overcoming the “noise” and reaching a meaningful interaction with potential customers remotely is only getting bigger.

During this workshop you will gain hands-on experience in creating impactful sales videos. You’ll learn how to craft strong video outreach to stand out and get the meeting!

Join us to learn how sales leaders from all over
the world are booking more meetings, saving time
and acing their targets!

A game changer in
your outbound results

Gain influence from
anywhere at anytime

Stand Out in the crowd
and win new customers!

Become a Video Sales Professional!


Techniques used by sales professionals in all sectors

If you are

This workshop is for you!

Prevent no shows

Convert more leads

Save time with
automation & templates

Gain trust quickly

Accelerate deal cycle

Use real time viewing

Integrate messaging
with your CRM

Stand out in their

Demonstrate your value with lively visuals

Workshop structure
Session 1

Video Sales

Learn the fundamentals of video influence and proven methods to get prospects to click your video and book a meeting.

Session 2

Video Creation

Gain hands on experience in effective video communication with potential customers.
Create videos you can use!

Session 3

Mastering the Data of the Video Sale Process

Learn the best practices for effective follow up and how to structure libraries to reuse your strong materials.

Learn in small groups of up to 22 people to enable hands on exercises and personal feedback by Liron.

During the workshop you will create videos you can reuse
to sell more of your product!

Workshop structure
Session Dates
Time / IL
11th, 18th, 25nd
6:00 PM
Sold Out
8th, 15th, 22nd
6:00 PM
Sold Out
24th, 26th, 27th
6:00 PM
Sold Out

* All workshops start at 6PM IL / 11AM NY and held in English

New dates coming soon!

Each participant graduates the workshop with:
  • Actionable videos created together
  • Strong impactful messaging technique – (a variety of video structure ideas)
  • Training with the leading video sales tool- “Vidyard”
  • BSELLER Certification for Video Sales Professionals
Who will you learn from?

Who will you
learn from?

Liron Kaplan is a business growth consultant, expert sales coach, and award-winning public speaker and presenter. He has extensive sales experience and has been leading sales teams for his entire career. Liron’s journey in the high tech business world began in “MAMRAM”, the leading computer science and IT infrastructure unit of the Israeli military. During his army service, he established the unit’s marketing team.

After being honorably discharged, Liron immediately began to work in the tech industry. He quickly began managing sales processes, leading teams, and became known as a skilled “closer”. Liron is a former athlete, and learned to channel the competitive spirit he developed while representing Israel nationally in basketball and handball, into a winning sales approach.

He held executive positions at “MIGVAN Technologies” and “Variscite Ltd.” as V.P Sales & Strategic Business Development and International Sales Director, respectively.

In his time in these roles he completed deals with a long line of industry leaders such as: Bosch, General Electric, Leica Bio System, Precor, Mellanox, HP, and many more.

Today, Liron Lead’s BSELLER and shares his knowledge as Course Master at Jolt’s SDR and Customer Success courses. 

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Create Trust with Video Messaging!

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