10 Things any Sales Professional needs to do during the Corona Crisis

1. Be proactive
Pick-up the phone daily to hear how your customers are doing, what are their plans for today, etc.
Show real interest and care.
When you start doing, good things happen.
Focus on what you CAN do and results will appear.
Plan your day and set yourself new goals and targets.

2. Be Visible & Multi-Channel
Make sure your customers are seeing that your active.
To increase your presence use multiple channels – Show the world what you are doing these days.
This is a great chance to connect with customers on new platforms and channels your are currently not connected on.
Remember: When your active your attractive!

3. Be personal
Show real interest and listen!
Ask about their spouse, their family and their children.
Remember that this is the time to pay more
attention to elderly people.
When you will dedicate time and energy to take care of your clients interests, some of them will naturally care about yours.
What you give is what you get.

4. Be a “Relay station”
Once you speak with enough people a day, you will start hearing good ideas.
Share it with others and even make helpful connections between the people you speak with. 
When you are speaking with enough clients every day, you might hear some good ideas – Pass it over! You don’t have to invent it in order to be the source of new good ideas for your clients.
Make the interactions with you a rewarding experience for other people.
Your customers will appreciate it and will like you better

5. Be a source of good energy and inspiration
Smile and bring positive energy to every interaction.
We, salespeople, are part of the solution! not the problem!
Be positive and bring only good vibes to every call or text.
Inspiring others will make you feel stronger too.

6. Encourage them to act
This is the time for action.
Encourage your customers and partners to take an action.
This is the time for small business to take advantage.
While big companies are thinking, small and quick businesses can take the money and run.

7. Crazy times require crazy ideas
We are experiencing a sharp change in the way we operate.
This is the time to innovate and challenge our comfort zones.
brainstorm with people you appreciate and friends with disruptive ideas.
Things that look crazy today might look common tomorrow. 

8. Maximize every meeting
When things are changing quickly and dramatically we need to maximize every sale.
Prepare every meeting and don’t let the situation distract you.
Think about new objections that might rise and find solutions.
Whether it’s face to face on Video or a store visit – make the most and upsell.

9. Be sensitive
Some of our customers are very stressed these days.
Ask if everything is ok, and offer assistance whenever you can.
If there’s a chance that your company can do more to assist the customer, share it with your managers.
Your customers need to know you are there for them, personally and professionally!

10. Take care of yourself and your dearest ones
It’s very simple. 
We just talked about 9 great things you can do during these crazy times. 
You will be able to do those things only when you and your family are well.
Make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of.

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