"We manage a SalesTech Tools Repository of over +150 sales tools for any situation and function.
Our "know how" allows selecting the right tools and creating "unfair" technological advantages".


Many established organizations are facing the challenge of transforming their business operations into the digital space. Transforming an existing sales team to operate and succeed with remote sales methods, requires preparation and planning. 

  • IT Infrastructure – Typically organizations already have some digital tools such as CRM, Business insights systems etc. Transformation will require choosing the right tools to integrate harmonically 
  • Upskilling – Using the latest SalesTech tools to drive results is exciting, however it requires training and guidance to create employee success along the process. 
  • Optimize Tools Selection – Hundreds of tools are available for prospecting, auto messaging, auto scheduling, deal success – with & without A.I and more. Creating a tools package that is optimized in cost and functionality requires experience. 
"We developed a unique 10 stages model to successfully implement
new technologies and tools in customer facing teams"


Customers report 4 times more sales output!

  • More customers.
  • More customer interactions. 
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Increased average sale.

Not only sales results are getting better!

  • Productivity is going up and overhead is going down. 
  • Remote sales enable growing into new territories easily.  
  • Digital processes allow evolution and constant improvement.
  • And more…
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