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We have vast experience consulting with business from multiple industries. Our process always begins with a deep-dive analysis. We need to understand your current business model and organizational structure so that we can map out the steps that we need to take to lead you to your ideal situation. We’ll work with you to bridge this gap, and to define practical steps you can take to make your business more profitable.

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Success Stories

Creating and Implementing B2B Business Model from Scratch

The Challenge: 
bubbleDan is a B2C Smart Transportation app that reached out to us with the challenge of creating a B2B strategy and training the relevant workforce.

The process:
We began by devising a comprehensive sales playbook, accumulating a large target bank and analyzing sales content per relevant business buyer person. The project continued with us aligning our recommendations with a corporate marketing strategy and governmental regulation. We also guided bubbleDan through the implementation of the Pipedrive CRM and trained their team to use it effectively. Liron also worked with their team to improve presentation and influence skills. 

The results

– Active B2B accounts doubled within the first month of activity 
– Solid sales growth even during Covid
– CRM was also embraced for recruitment management.

Financial Services and Investment Company
Retention Project and from Losing Money to Growth

The challenge
A financial investments company managing over 2.5B NIS in savings is losing customers to other investment companies.

The process:
We began by diagnosing the main “chum” factors through careful interviews and observation. Once we understood where the cracks were, we were able to devise a chum reduction plan that enabled a return to growth. The board confirmed our analysis and we were hired to continue to ensure execution of our plan with the managers. Our plan advised a changed sales strategy from distributed field team to a remote sales team working from a call center, a new inbound digital strategy, comprehensive training for the sales team on use of new digital tools, rebranding to create an online presence, churn prevention activities and a churn request handling protocol.


The results

-Significantly lower churn 
-Drastic reduction of company costs 
-Company now exists in the digital space and is continuing to grow

Lean Sales Management for Early Stage Start-Up 

The challenge:
Get the first few deals closed for a newly founded start-up with limited resources. 

The process: 
The project began with devising an outbound sales strategy, target bank and playbook with the goal of getting customer meetings. We worked with Joonko to create effective outbound email and LinkedIn messaging through thorough analysis of the relevant buyer persona. Liron coached the team on deal management and assisted in building and training the initial sales team. 

The results

– First few deals with some big global names started coming within the first few months of activity 
-The core management team was able to apply improved sales skills to their operation

Lawyers CRM 

The Challenge:
Setting up an effective CRM and sales process to optimize time and results for a law firm handling insurance claims and advertising on multiple channels.

The process:
After understanding the clients needs, we recommended Pipedrive and began the implementation process. We used the system to create an inbound pipeline with data collection about each marketing channel and to set up a digital case management process. We continued to work with Pipedrive to improve organization, productivity, and to centralize customer data.  

The results

-Customer has relevant data insights 
-Leads are no longer getting lost between channels 
-The sales process is scalable and able to grow
-Case management productivity improved, leading to increased revenue 

“In the new world, it is not the Big Fish which eats the Small Fish,
it’s the Fast Fish which eats the Slow Fish

Klaus Schwab
Founder and Executive Chairman
World Economic Forum
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