5 points to convert more leads

Liron Kaplan
Bseller- Founder

A strong “Incoming leads stream” is essential part and the main entrance to any sales funnel. As the technical know how of digital marketing became more common, many businesses use targeted advertising online with great results, however some of them are now facing a conversion challenge. It’s very sad to see many leads received but unconverted. It breaks my heart too.

A common question we are asked – are these leads simply not good? Well, sometimes the leads can be better. Most times, it’s all about adjusting your sales process to the new way you acquire customers, understanding the type of info they have or need, and training your sales team to conduct successful sales conversations by phone, email and face to face.

Training the team stationed in the front lines of the customer acquisition process with relevant sales skills is a must l in any business. Our expertise at Bseller is to train teams to improve such skills, however, in this article, we will focus on 5 check points you can check, evaluate and most likely even fix yourself.

1. Shorten your response time

A customer found you online. That’s great! It means he searched for something and one of your ad efforts hooked them to provide you with contact details or call your number. The bad news are that it probably took 30 seconds or less and you were not the only search result or targeted ad online that day. Your lead, and potential customer, spent at least a few more seconds on sending the same details to your competitors and might even called them. The “early bird catches the worm”  – The one to start the customer acquisition process the fastest and to get the customer further to a buying decision or some initial payment, will end the worm hunt for all other birds that paid for that click.

2. Differentiate lead sources

You need to know your customers. It’s a must if you are targeting customer acquisition online and can’t afford non targeted advertising. You also need to know where they are coming from. To optimize your overall conversion rates it’s essential to analyze your lead sources. Not all leads are created equal. Some customers, coming from some sources, may be more “convertible” than others.

3. Manage the Customer Experience 

Sometimes our ads are too good. Especially if they give our potential customer an overly simplified and cuddly idea of how working with us will feel like, while the actual customer experience in reality is very far from it. For example, if your ad promises amazing and fast results, when in fact some of your services or products require some further implementation effort or a learning curve – there’s a gap in the customer experience.

These days the cut from a dreamy fuzzy Ad to a poor customer engagement can be so quick and blunt that your customer may feel negative feelings. They might think you lied to get the click, wasted their time, or manipulated too bluntly. The gap between how they felt while clicking your Ad and how they felt during the initial engagement experience might be too big. When the gap is too big too early in the sale process, the customer is likely to walk away.

4. Simplify the process

It’s important to know our customer and make sure we have all the relevant information to assist, however, sometimes businesses go too far. Customers don’t like to fill out long forms and volunteer large portions of personal or professional information before they decided to work with you. There are great ways to receive the information you need and build your trust with the customer in the process. It just requires some more thought and understanding of your sale process and your customer’s decision making pattern. Push for interactions and conversations that bring you closer to a sale and work your info hunting into it.

5. Personalize

The age of DATA allows you to get very personal with your customer very quickly. Going back to the first point above, you are not the only one in the game. Going back to the third point, the experience your customer will have during your conversation is critical. Make your customer feel like you see them clearly, understand their specific nuances and adjust the remaining steps in your sales process to personalize their experience. People don’t always remember what you said or did, but they always remember how you made them feel. 

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