Feb 11th, 2020 | Google for startups campus, TLV

The only constant thing in business is change

This was Yair’s opening statement on Bseller’s Sales Digital Transformation meetup on Google Campus last week. 

Over 80 senior managers participated a meetup on Google Campus last week.  Sales Digital Transformation was the main topic of the meetup organized and hosted by Bseller. During the meetup conversations, it was interesting to see how different industries experience the same transition pains. Especially in light of the fast changes and challenges technology brings daily.

While the introduction covered some change models and relevant business cases, one of the main takeaways from this event, is that it’s actually all about the people. Not the technology. 

On his lecture, Yair also explained, Digital transformation is an organizational change like any other. 
It requires careful planning, appropriate preparation, accurate execution, followed by on going monitoring and feedback process.  
Yair reviewed the fundamentals for a successful process. During his talk, he also provided some of the latest research material on customer experience and expectations. 

For example, Yair mentioned the understanding gap. Per the latest Salesforce research, The State of the Connected Customer, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. While on the other side, only 51% of customers say companies generally understand their need and expectations. 

The tools to create a quick and personalized customer response already exist. Also the capabilities to manage customer data in a way that will serve them better and enable a personalized on-going communication with their needs and expectations clear and in the center of the interaction. 

"In the new world it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it's the fast fish which eats the slow fish"

Klaus Schwab, 
chairman of the World Economics Forum

Certainly, digital changes can be perceived as threatening by any human. However, Yair explained that team cooperation and involvement in the transformation is a key element. Such that will determine if the transformation will be a success. 

Yair also provided an overview of how to prepare the team for transformation.
Later on, also how to recruit them for the success of the process. 

Sales Digital Transformation – Strategic Targets

On the second part of the meetup, Liron Kaplan presented some of the strategic targets to be considered on a Sales Department Digital Transformation. Liron also presented a live text expander demo to demonstrate easy transition to “half-automated” processes. 

Liron’s lecture focused on key elements in preparing a sales organization to the new decade.
He referred to advanced sales and influence skills, especially on digital channels. The lecture also included a short overview of some Revenue Growth solution. A.I tools and an automation demo. All with different goals around business results and productivity. 

During his lecture, Liron pointed out that companies are different. Each company will need to define the right tools and transformation targets that will impact their business the most. Among the strategic targets discussed: 1. Evaluate the existing customer interfaces; 2. Evaluate existing IT systems potential and relevant integrations; 3. Asses the team skills level for using the new tools successfully.

All together with additional elements discussed, will allow to create a change with the most amount of revenue growth for the change investment. 

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