SalesTech on the Popcorn Podcast - The New World People community

Liron Kaplan
Bseller- Founder

The “People of the New World” community

It was such a great feeling to receive the invite to interview on Popcorn. The People of the New World Community Podcast. Both on and off Facebook, this community has great content about work & life in the new world. The Community was founded by a talented entrepreneur, Lior Frenkel, Partner and Chief Product Officer at Jolt. A New World School which now has campuses in Tel Aviv, London, Haifa and Jerusalem.

SalesTech & what’s new in Sales Training 

Lior Invited me to share my personal story and talk about how sales are evolving in the New World. We also touched SalesTech a bit and how it’s impacting the role of the Sales Rep and customer expectations. 

So here’s the link  – to sales in the new world podcast.

>> Listen Now 

*Podcast is in Hebrew

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