“Sometimes, all you need is another set of eyes to analyze your business challenges, provide you with perspective and lay down some ideas you can work with to achieve better results.”


Making strategic decisions and planning an accurate plan of action requires preparation. We design and lead decision making processes with management teams. Focusing on creating an inspirational discussion.

Our mission on such projects, is to prepare the discussion points, create the relevant exercises and finally compose a complete plan. Built on the teams’ shared  knowledge, connected silos and re-sparked creativity. 

Enablement PROJECTS

"We manage a SalesTech Tools Repository of over +150 sales tools for any situation and function.
Our "know how" allows selecting the right tools and creating "unfair" technological advantages".

Semiconductor Manufacturer

A full day boot-camp to devise global re-seller’s strategy. Final result included partner profile per territory across 12 European markets, plan of action per territory, new partner training and on-boarding plan with main content blocks, monitoring plan with new digital tools defined for tracking partners performance.

Textile Manufacturer

A series of sessions to design and evaluate a unique and automated customer experience over time. The challenge was to define a set of situational customer experiences that nurtures customer loyalty and sense of identity with the the manufacturer’s corporate values. 

Personal training & Coaching

Leaders Are Not Born, They’re Made

Once we start working together, whatever motivated you to train and achieve more, becomes our mission. We will prepare and use every session to make sure you achieve your professional goals and grow personally in the process. 

Personal training programs for exceptional business leaders:

  • Dealing with failure/conflict situations – with customers, colleagues and employees
  • Remote team management 
  • Negotiation personal training 
  • How to create influence and trust 
  • Remote sales process planning
  • Master video meetings 
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